Adri And Melissa Fucking

September 25th, 2008 by admin

Adventures with Girls|It’s so fun to have a friend come over and hang out. It’s more fun when that friend wants to play. Sweet Adri and her friend waste no time, taking off each other’s skirts and tops and feeling each other up. Then come the bras and panties and soon both are naked. Now it’s time for the fun and games that Sweet Adri has planned. Blindfolding her friend, Adri takes a toy and runs it along her friend’s body. Finally Sweet Adri gives her friend a kiss and you know what happens next! Click the link to find out!

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Sweet Adri Dildo Play

September 20th, 2008 by admin

Sometimes it’s great to kick back, relax, drink a little beer and … get naked? Well that’s how it works with Sweet Adri! She sits and hangs out in a cute pink sun dress but it isn’t long before she’s pushing her chest out a little, showing off the curve of her ass, and then finally revealing her tits. It’s a good think Sweet Adri’s got a pink vibrator to get her through the night. She sucks on it first to get it nice and wet and then sticks it deep into her pussy. See what happens next with more hot Sweet Adri videos.

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Sweet Adri Naked Videos

September 15th, 2008 by admin

When you’re an exhibitionist like Sweet Adri, you will pose anywhere! Check out Sweet Adri, totally naked and having fun on a metal ladder near some railroad tracks. The train conductor will be really surprised to see her if a train comes along! I doubt she would care though. Look at her flaunting that cute body. But I wonder what she’ll do next? How much of an exhibitionist is the darling Sweet Adri? Well, she does know how to please. Want to see her continue to gallivante on that ladder? Then just make a quick click and you’ll be right there in the action, seeing Sweet Adri pictures and videos.

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Adri Shaving Her Legs

September 10th, 2008 by admin

Girls shave their legs all the time right? Right. But nobody does it hotter than Sweet Adri! Stare at her tantalizing tits as she puts shaving cream on her body. Admire Sweet Adri’s long, luscious legs as she shaves them slowly, showing off her body to the camera proudly. Shaving was never so damn sexy! But that’s not all Sweet Adri’s going to shave. To see her shave the good stuff, you need to click on the link and watch the rest of the Sweet Adri video. But bring a glass of water because things might get steamed up!

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Sweet Adri Shower Time

September 5th, 2008 by admin

The water is streaming down, pouring down her slick body, the waterfall creating a smooth sheen on her skin. Who’s body? Sweet Adri’s of course! Shower time is always the best time with Sweet Adri. Join her in the shower as she gets her hair wet, soaps herself clean and shows off that cute little ass. Nothing is better than feeling dirty while watching someone get all cleaned up. And when you click on the link and watch the rest of the Sweet Adri video, it will be like you’re in the shower with her! So get soapy and sexy!

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Adri Gorgeous Lacy Stockings

August 31st, 2008 by admin

Nothing’s sexier than a hot pair of stockings on a sexy girl. Case in point? Sweet Adri. Wearing white sheer stockings, a white lace thong and nothing else, she is totally hot to look at. She couldn’t find a top which seems like a shame doesn’t it? And what’s Sweet Adri doing? Just hanging out on the stairs, waiting for you to watch her of course. The question is, will Sweet Adri take the panties off but leave the stockings on? Watch the rest of the video to find out this tantalizing answer. Just click on the link for more Sweet Adri goodness!

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Sweet Adri Pit Stop

August 26th, 2008 by admin

No car rides complete without a pit stop right? For Sweet Adri, the perfect spot was under the bridge. It was hidden and there was lots of cool graffiti on the wall. Definitely a good area to show off her assets. And those were certainly not hidden for long. Sweet Adri pulled off her shirt to reveal a cute red bra that went perfectly with her tight jean skirt. After looking at this, you probably wouldn’t want to get back in the car! She what she does next in the rest of this sizzling hot Sweet Adri video


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Melissa and Adri Dildo Play

August 21st, 2008 by admin

|It’s always nice having a friend come to stay as Sweet Adri found out. Her friend came over and boy did they have a good time! First they hung out and giggled and laughed like girls do, but soon they started making out. After that they got naked pretty quickly. And you know Sweet Adri, she’s always up for a little fun! Her friend brought over this purple sex toy and quickly they got down to business. She may have been shy at first, but Sweet Adri loved the whole thing! For more of this hot Sweet Adri video, just click the link!

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Adri In the Wild

August 16th, 2008 by admin

It’s always fun to go outside on a beautiful day. The wind is blowing a gentle breeze, the birds are singing and Sweet Adri is going for a walk. But it’s not long before she gets bored and decides to make it a little more fun. She glances around and seeing that there’s no one there, starts to take off her top. Sweet Adri shows off her cute, pert boobs and her firm ass, just for you. Wanna see more wildlife adventures? Check out the latest Sweet Adri pictures today. Get back to nature with Sweet Adri!

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Adri And Melissa Midwest

August 11th, 2008 by admin

What’s better than a little fun with Sweet Adri? Fun with Sweet Adri AND her friend! Hanging out one afternoon, they decide to sit in the back of the truck in order to get a little privacy. Watch as they start to explore with each other, first smiling sweetly, and then glancing down each other’s tops. You’ll lick your lips as you see Sweet Adri lock lips with her friend, in a slow and sexy kiss. But what comes next? Do they continue what they are doing or just go their separate ways? When you click, you will find out. See Sweet Adri get some girl lovin’ today.

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